From 2022-12-01 to 2022-12-30


12:15 Feature #1796: Improved search
@ Developers: moving this issue to the new system project:"OpenAtlas Discovery" to move on because it's the last open... Alexander Watzinger


16:51 Feature #1915 (Closed): Final requests
Alexander Watzinger
15:07 Feature #1915 (In Progress): Final requests
Alexander Watzinger
14:59 Bug #1914 (Closed): Object moves not visualised on CONNEC map page
Thanks for reporting.
I've fixed this issue and changes will be visible on the website when we deploy the new version.
Andreas Olschnögger
13:54 Feature #1808 (Closed): Additional static content
Alexander Watzinger
13:52 Feature #1808 (Resolved): Additional static content
I've updated the website and the changes are now visible. (
Please have a look an...
Andreas Olschnögger
13:54 Feature #1810 (Closed): Toolbar with categories of material cultures
After we got no feedback we assume the update worked as planned. Closing this issue. Alexander Watzinger


15:20 Feature #1717 (Closed): Additional static pages
No worries. We will take the additional text available in the final request document and close this issue.
Thank you...
Alexander Watzinger
15:05 Feature #1717: Additional static pages
Can we include this as part of the Final Updates ticket and close this ticket? Or should I repeat the info from there... Becca Grose
13:46 Feature #1717: Additional static pages
I'm in the process of checking open issues at the end of the year.
This one is open for quite some time. Do you stil...
Alexander Watzinger
15:17 Feature #1729 (Closed): Email contacts
No problem and thank you for your feedback. Alexander Watzinger
15:10 Feature #1729: Email contacts
Can we retain the current system (e.g. with contact details on the bottom bar of the website, that we can edit oursel... Becca Grose
13:47 Feature #1729: Email contacts
I'm in the process of checking open issues at the end of the year.
This one is open for quite some time. Do you stil...
Alexander Watzinger
14:24 Feature #1915 (Closed): Final requests
We will use this issue to track the changes we were able to made taken from the final request of the CONNEC team.
Alexander Watzinger
13:42 Bug #1914 (Assigned): Object moves not visualised on CONNEC map page
Dear Becca, thank you for reporting, I assigned this to Andi, kindly asking him to take a closer look. Alexander Watzinger
12:02 Bug #1914 (Closed): Object moves not visualised on CONNEC map page
On the map page of the CONNEC website (https://discover[hyphen]connec.openatlas[dot]eu/map) , object exchanges cannot... Becca Grose


14:36 Feature #1796 (In Progress): Improved search
We found one bug (#1912) concerning the search, sadly Bernhard, our API developer, is on vacation at the moment but w... Alexander Watzinger


14:30 Feature #1809 (Closed): Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
Gosia Lenko
14:28 Feature #1807 (Closed): Bibliography place missing
Gosia Lenko
14:12 Feature #1805 (Closed): Collections: Gallery Overview
Gosia Lenko
14:03 Feature #1799 (Closed): Show license and credit line for images
Gosia Lenko
13:56 Feature #1796: Improved search
Dear Andreas, thank you for impriving the search option. We tried it out and it makes a good impression - I still do ... Gosia Lenko
13:47 Feature #1808: Additional static content
There would be also another very minor change, which I guess does not cause a lot of work - Prof. Klimburg doesn't li... Gosia Lenko


14:57 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Gosia Lenko wrote:
> Please also do not forget the small but important corrections mentioned already:
> - The b...
Gosia Lenko
14:48 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Dear Andreas,
I'm sorry for the late response.
You did not misunderstood anything. Mock up 2 is exactly what Pr...
Gosia Lenko


12:35 Feature #1808: Additional static content
And I have an additional question about description
> - The description underneath the upper grey bar should star...
Andreas Olschnögger
12:31 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Thanks for the input.
I am still not quite sure how the header section of the page has to look now. Should "Shahi Ki...
Andreas Olschnögger

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