Anthropological Analyses

Tools for anthropological analyses to use directly while working in human remains. Allowing the acquisition of basic data like age, sex, and pathologies to use in an anthropological and archaeological context.
Regarding the model this is connected to burial as a stratigraphic unit (E18 physical object) and human remains (E20 biological object).
For some aspects entering data is already possible but a better user interface is desirable. For other data new ways of entering are required e.g. for sex and age estimation.

Issue #1352

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Bone Inventory

For the (graphical) anthropological interface the following bones and bone parts have to be recorded (import ID of bones already entered as types in brackets):
See: Bone inventory

Sex estimation


This information will be mapped within CIDOC CRM model. E18 (physical thing)-> P2 (has type) -> E55 (Type)

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Calculation of sex estimation:

(Bone feature x costum type (female/female?/indifferent/male?/male) x weighting)/sum of weighting entered = sex estimation

Options Features
Skull Mandible Pelvis Robusticity

Sex estimation: -2 to -0,7 = female, -0,69 to -0,31 = possibly female, -0,3 to 0,3 = indifferent, 0,31 to 0,69 = possibly male, 0,7 to 2 = male


At "stratigraphic unit" a new tab called "Tools", where links to eg. sex estimation, age estimation, pathologies, and also (if available) a few results, as well as skeleton graphic, are shown.
Clicking on "sex estimation" links will bring you to a page showing an overview over detailed information on the respective bone features and a button to edit them.


Age estimation



Pathologies/Non metric traits