Code checker


Pylint, checks for errors in Python code, tries to enforce a coding standard and looks for code smells.
It's available as PyCharm plugin and Debian package. The configuration file, .pylintrc is in the project root (at least in develop branch currently).
Install e.g. on Debian

# apt install pylint3

Then you can either run it in PyCharm (you may have to specify path to executable e.g. /usr/bin/pylint3 in module options)
or execute it in the command line from inside the openatlas directory with:
$ pylint3 openaltas


SonarQube is an open source code scanner that takes some effort to set up but gives quite interesting statistics and hints about security, readability, ...


Tabnanny checks your source code for ambiguous indentation. To run in the project root (which should produce no errors):

python3 -m tabnanny .


Black is a Python code formatter. I personally don't like the string and parenthesis formatting but it could still be useful to check the code with it from time to time.
To install on Debian and run tests in project root without writing it to files:

apt install black
black --diff -l 100 -S .

In evaluation

  • coala, sadly no Debian package or PyCharm plugin seems to be available (2020)

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