OpenAtlas Cooperation

OpenAtlas is developed for and used by different historical, prosopograhical and archeological projects.
Although the software is freely available not every project has the internal resources to cover all the aspects needed for a successful research project.
For that reason some projects have a cooperation with the ACDH-CH, an institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which can cover some or all of these aspects.

Every cooperation also supports and so guaranties the further development of OpenAtlas.
In case you are interested and want to contact us please take a look at here.

OpenAtlas Software

OpenAtlas is open source software and can be freely downloaded on GitHub.
Because projects can be very different there may be need for:
  • New features
  • Expand on existing features
  • User interface adaptions

Development of features needs time and money but once implemented they can be used by all projects. This allows for good synergies between projects because of shared development costs.


To use OpenAtlas a technical infrastructure is needed. Most important is a server where it can be installed and is available but also persons who have the time and expertise to:
  • Install OpenAtlas, a web server, a database, setting up email and similar - for necessary steps involved take a look at the installation notes
  • Software updates, there is a new OpenAtlas release about once a month
  • Server updates, e.g. over time servers will need security updates
  • Setting up automated backups
  • Troubleshoot e.g. in case:
    • The website becomes unresponsive or unavailable
    • Functions don't work as expected
    • Available server space is getting low
    • A backup import is needed


Even with an infrastructure in place there might be need for support e.g.
  • Evaluation how to map research data to CIDOC CRM and enter them into OpenAtlas
  • Import already existing data
  • Training sessions
  • Workshops
  • Re-evaluating the model in the course of the project
  • Help to organize or clean up data, e.g. it is favorable and less error prone to use a script rather to update hundreds or thousands of entries manually
  • Processing and answering user questions and requests

Presentation website

Once data is entered and research results are available it may be desirable to present them to a broader audience.
We began work on a "generic" presentation site but even if finished different projects will still need adaptions to present their specific results.

Long term archiving

It is advisable to archive the data with meta data and make them online available for future use. At the ACDH-CH this can be done in Arche

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