There are four types of events (based on the CIDOC CRM) that can be used.

  • Activity - the most common, e.g. a battle, a meeting or a wedding
  • Acquisition - this is a special case where a change of property can be mapped, see below
  • Move - this event is for objects or person who moved


On the event index page you see an overview of already entered events with their class, type and description column (mouse over to see more).

Clicking on the name of an event brings you to the detail view.

Add and Update

Clicking on one of the + button at the top of the event index page let you enter a new one. To edit an event click on the Edit button in the detail view.

Form fields:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Date
  • Description
  • Sub event of - an event can be a sub event of another event e.g. a war has some battles as sub event.
  • Location - a location where the event occurred can be chosen.


If the event is an acquisition there is an additional field Given Place to select which places changed ownership.

To add recipients and donors go to the Actor tab, add an actor and select as Activity:

acquired title through for recipients or

surrendered title through for donors.


A move event has a from and a to location, also you can select objects or person who moved.

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