A file overview can be reached clicking on file in the overview or going to admin -> files -> list.

Files can be uploaded by editors if they doesn't exceed the upload size limit and have an allowed extension. Both criteria are displayed at the upload form.

Besides the file itself some properties can be entered by the user:

  • Name - if it is empty it will be prefilled after the file selection with the filename (without the extension).
  • A license can be specified with the license Type. It is a good practice to specify the license so that other users know if and where they can use or show it.
  • Description


Files can also be linked to entities and already linked files are shown in the Files tab. In this tab it is possible to link existing files or upload one and link it in one go.

The origin of the file is documented in the reference tab. For example: the scan of a figure from a book is linked there with the bibliographical information of its source.


Images that can be displayed in the browser are defined through their extensions and can be changed in the configuration file (e.g. instance/ default is:

DISPLAY_FILE_EXTENSIONS = ['bmp', 'gif', 'ico', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'png', 'svg']
If entities have these files linked the first one is displayed in the info tab but another one can be set in the Files tab.

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