General Settings

Site name

The name of the site. Displayed in browser tabs and used in emails.

Site header

This text is displayed as title at the top of the page (right beside the logo).

Default language

The default language of the site which will be the fall-back if the users browser language isn't available. User can change their preferred language in their profile.

Default table rows

Selecting a value here will set the default rows that are shown on tables. User can set their preferred value in the profile.
Please take note that the change may not be immediately visible because browsers tend to remember your last setting.

Debug mode

If turned on:

  • Some debug information is displayed in the right top corner, e.g. SQL stats and form errors
  • DataTables stateSave option is turned off

Log level

How much should be logged. Can have a small impact on performance.

The more down the list the more logging will take place. At the moment only info, notice and error are used.

  • emergency
  • alert
  • critical
  • error
  • warn
  • notice
  • info
  • debug


  • Random password length - the length of generated passwords at password reset or user creation
  • Minimum password length - the minimum length of provided passwords at password change or user creation
  • Reset confirm hours - how long a requested password reset code is valid
  • Failed logins - how often it could be tried to login with a specific username
  • Failed login forget minutes - how many minutes to wait to be able to try again after failed logins are exceeded


For live search in tables or trees a minimum character threshold can be entered. The default is 1 but it can be useful to raise it when dealing with huge datasets.

  • Minimum jstree search - the minimum characters that have to be entered to filter trees e.g. types
  • Minimum tablesorter search - the minimum characters that have to be entered to filter tables e.g. actors

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