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Revision 6 (Alexander Watzinger, 2021-08-18 14:38) → Revision 7/38 (Dalibor Pancic, 2021-08-18 14:39)

h1. Kubernetes

Issue #1542

h2. Current issues

* Add Berni to the ACDH GitHub list
* Establish ssh connection

h2. Installation

* Password files back to .gitignore
* Remove import SQL
* Automated daily security updates for Debian packages (Alex can help with that)
* Find out if/what backup procedures are in place, test it and document it here

h2. Update

This issues may have been already solved with finishing the installation, nevertheless when a new release is available we should take a look how to automate these tasks and test them with new releases.

* Update code base
* Database changes in a new release
* Do npm updates or new packages
* Install new Debian packages
* Change file permissions (e.g. for image folders)

h2. Presentation site (OpenAtlas discovery)

* Set up a presentation site ( with URL https://discovery-demo-acdh-ch,
* Connect presentation site with the OpenAtlas instance
* Solve same issues like with backend (how to update versions, security updates for Debian, backups, ...)