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Alexander Watzinger, 2021-08-29 17:24


Issue #1542

Current issues

  • Add Berni to the ACDH GitHub list
  • Establish ssh connection


  • Password files back to .gitignore
  • Remove import SQL
  • Automated daily security updates for Debian packages (Alex can help with that)
  • Find out if/what backup procedures are in place, test it and document it here


This issues may have been already solved with finishing the installation, nevertheless when a new release is available we should take a look how to automate these tasks and test them with new releases.

  • Update code base
  • Database changes in a new release
  • Do npm updates or new packages
  • Install new Debian packages
  • Change file permissions (e.g. for image folders)

Database update

Most new versions also include database changes. Here are some thoughts about automating them:
  • Update SQL scripts are already provided in openatlas/install/upgrade named after the specific version e.g. 6.0.0.sql. Upgrades of former major versions are stored in install/upgrade/archive.
  • We would need a mechanism that has to work outside/before the main application because changes may interfere with the initialization process in openatlas/ e.g. all types are loaded in the before_request() function
  • In case that the database update, which runs in a transaction, fails the software shouldn't be updated but we need the software update to get the upgrade file. Maybe Kubernetes can help there, e.g. abort the update all together.
  • The version update process should be "aware" if an update SQL is needed. The application code "knows" it's version, it's tracked as VERSION in config/ To make the database aware of it's version we could add a value in the web/settings table but we still need functionality that checks if, which and in what order upgrade scripts are needed and can deal with failed update SQLs.

Presentation site (OpenAtlas discovery)

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