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h1. Frontend/API Meeting 2021-01-28

Participants: Stefan Eichert, Nina Brundke, Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschicek, Christoph Hoffmann

h2. General

* Try out new meeting protocol workflow: Nina commenting live and all checking at end
* First external pull request
* Status of application: needs refactoring
* OpenAtlas needs a dedicated server because at the moment instances are too distributed and cumbersome to manage, see #1446 %{color:lightgrey}-> _-> Discussed: possible size of servers (8TB with different back up strategy or bigger server?), SysAdmin, ACDH-CH/ARZ/Hetzner (generally preferred: Hetzner), costs, other possible solutions, what happens after project ends, possibility of a image server for high resolution pictures to provide frontend/backend problems (prosponed until (at least) summer)/rescale high resolution pictures (on demand/in general)% general)_

h2. %{color:lightgrey}Update THANADOS% _Update THANADOS_

* %{color:lightgrey}Standard _Standard article Jan. 2021 see:
* %{color:lightgrey}Changing _Changing to a new map provider as one of the outcomes of the Standard article% article_
* %{color:lightgrey}Two _Two new THANADOS-cooperation with German projects (Jena/Bamberg)% (Jena/Bamberg)_

h2. Roadmap 2021

* Planning of a general *Frontend* and *API* roadmap and a CONNEC specific Frontend in the light of Leeds presence in July 2021. MoByz will need one too %{color:lightgrey}-> Minimal: -> _Minimal: a map as an overview, several languages, not just read only for backend% backend_
* %{color:lightgrey}Frontend _Frontend workshop to how the frontend should look like for different disciplines (history, archaeology, etc.) -> which connections between which data is crucial for which discipline in general? Hackatlon? Organization: Bernhard Koschicek, within the next 2 to 3 weeks (Doodle)% (Doodle)_
* %{color:lightgrey}External _External references for types - needed as important THANADOS outcome% outcome_

h2. New feature requests

* #1443 - THANADOS, CONNEC: List view for entities missing a specific type %{color:lightgrey}-> _-> other topics more relevant for THANADOS at the moment% moment_
* #1457 - CONNEC: Public notes
* #1456 - SHAHI: Objects outside of archeological context
* SHAHI: They need different locations for place of origin and current location but this maybe solve able with already implemented features.

h2. API Features (discuss roadmap)

* #1402 API: CSV export in API (not only CSV but also markdown of single entities and more)
* #1382 API: Other jsonld mappings beside linked-places (couldn't find suitable alternatives)
* #1426 API: display image smaller size (needed for frontend if images are large)
* #1184 API: add additional output format RDFS
* #1047 API: Import geometries
* %{color:lightgrey}Error _Error message regarding older versions: to be announced% announced_
* %{color:lightgrey}API _API problem debian: update with new version of debian to make it possible to use only standard packages% packages_