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h1. Developer meeting 2023-09-13 

 Location: Bäckerstraße 13, Room 2036 (meeting room next to the kitchen) is reserved for us from 15.00 to 17.00 
 Updated information in the course of the meeting is %{color:green}in color%. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt. 

 h2. Participants 

 * Alexander Watzinger 
 * Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz 
 * Moritz Großfurtner (moderator) 
 * Lisa Aldrian 
 * Olivia Reichl 
 * Stefan Eichert 

 h2. Administrative 

 * Welcome Olivia 
 * Feedback round 
 * Schedule next developer meeting, who moderates? %{color:green}-> 2023-11-16, 15:00, Alex moderates% 
 * OpenAtlas Exchange calendar to coordinate (ÖAW only)  
   %{color:green}-> A new OpenAtlas calendar for Outlook is available. Sadly it's only available for ÖAW addresses and also difficult to sync with other systems. 
   Stefan suggested to send invitations for (bigger) meetings via calendar, which we will try.% 
 * Check events 
   %{color:green}-> Cultural Heritage-Research in the Digital Age (24-25 October): registration (also for presenters) is required, Olivia will join our poster presentation% 
   %{color:green}-> EHRI-AT Methodological Seminar (15-18 January 2024): The decision about presenters was postponed% 

 h2. Presentation sites 

 * How to proceed with SHAHI static presentation site (#1939) %{color:green} -> Focus on this issue% 
 * OpenAtlas Discovery meetings 
 ** Internal meeting to demonstrate/test new workflow with GitHub and Markdown files 
 ** Meeting with FemCare Vienna (in person) 
 ** Meeting with MAMEMS/Approaching Byzantium (after FemCare Vienna, online) 
 ** Move MoByz to Kubernetes, meeting with Johannes 
 * Testing: should we take an accessibility focused approach for testing? In cypress we could do this with the testing "library": 
   %{color:green}-> Raising accessibility is always welcome and in line with our "Mission Statement": But, as some pointed out, it shouldn't get as far as sacrificing functionality or "forcing" developers to spent massive time on it.% 

 h2. Topics 

 * #1648 - Relative Chronological/Spatial relation %{color:green}-> it was decided to move it to the wishlist for later use% 
 * #1909 - How to proceed with IIIF viewer? %{color:green}-> added add new issues:%  
 ** %{color:green}#2064: IIIF viewer integration (backend)%  
 ** %{color:green}#2065: IIIF viewer integration (presentation sites)%  
 ** %{color:green}#2066: IIIF access restriction% ticket for viewer; big issue is license, how wie manage it technically > new issue about license% 
 * Usability tests with volunteers %{color:green}-> Ideas and suggestions are welcome% 
 * Submit software paper for joss: