Network visualization

With the integration of D3.js it is possible to visualize data as a network graph. After login click on the link "Network" on the overview page.


To navigate in the visualization you can drag and drop the background as a whole, drag and drop nodes and can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.


If you experience performance issues try different browsers, some are faster than others when dealing with large JavaScript data. Also check if your browser has hardware acceleration enabled.


If an image is available you can download it as PNG with the download button below the image. Be aware that the resulting image is exactly what you see in this moment so you may want to change width and height in the options before. Also you may want to choose a zoom level where labels are readable.



Some classes are preselected but you can choose your own. Keep in mind that entities connected with selected links are always shown so the selection is only relevant when show orphans is activated, too. It is also possible to change the colors.


Here you can choose which connections between entities should be shown.

Network Parameter

  • Width: The width of the resulting image in pixel
  • Height: The height of the resulting image in pixel
  • Charge: A parameter for the distance between entries which are not connected
  • Distance: A parameter for the distance between connected entries

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT