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Silvia Gomez Senovilla, 2022-10-05 14:21

A collection of ideas that haven't made it into an own ticket yet.


  • Tags for projects like at (e.g. history, archaeology and prosopography, concluded, available open data ...)


Entity view

  • 2021: don't show link buttons in tabs if there are no entities to link
  • 2020: Show membership at appears first if available


  • 2022: Member/membership: add + buttons for person/group in tab. But difficult how to differ from relation link because they too have an actor entity as origin
  • 2022: Better validation for reference systems: names have to be unique and when adding one with an existing name a transaction error occurs which works but is ugly but when updating one to an existing name strange things happen.
  • 2021: Update links instead recreate, test first in Journal application


  • 2020: Add an additional area where existing geometries are shown (don't use label "features")
  • 2020: Search function for existing entities on map


  • 2020: Add database description from MEDCON/ARCHE


  • 2020: Add a default value to settings and show if they are changed in views

External References (GeoNames, Wikidata)

  • 2020: Show additional information e.g. if Wikidata id is provided also show (their) GeoNames id, Pelagios, ...
  • 2020: Advanced options for GeoNames search (e.g. select categories, fuzzy or not, ..)


  • 2020: Code review
  • 2020: Run tests from command line and write to install


  • Complete database dump as xml/rdfs (Omar asked at the institute days)

Integrity checks

  • Events: check dates for super and proceeding events
  • Events: check links between super and proceeding events, e.g. one event can't have the same other event as super and proceeding


  • 2020: Implement B.C. dates
  • 2020: Warn if inconsistent dates (e.g. begin for end)
  • 2020: Warn if missing dates (e.g. begin_to without begin_from)

Time intensive and requires substantial financing

  • 2020: Debian package
  • 2020: Annotate text
  • 2020: Multi instance capability #924
  • 2020: Climate data functions

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