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A collection of ideas that haven't made it into an own ticket yet.

h2. Frontend

h3. Layout

* Generel upgrade using frameworks/libraries e.g. for making it responsive
* New project website when new layout is finished (
* New screenshot when new layout is finished (e.g.

h3. Maps

* Show new marker when entering coordinates
* Search function for existing entities on map
* Show type-tree instead only type name i.e. details on the map, maybe with a tooltip
* Click to set point for geonames result
* Map focus top to narrow when in entity view and multiple points are "selected"
* Click on intersecting polygones (look at medcem project)

h3. Dates

* If the first year wasn't entered in a date form the rest is ignored (e.g.comment, second year, ...). Give a visual feedback for the user that this information isn't saved in that case.
* At actors forms viusally combine begin/end places with begin/end places
* If an entity is updated filled out dates are not visible at first because they are hidden. A better solution for that would be fine.

h3. jsTree

* At type overview, custom tab: if only one or two hierarchies are displayed it looks confusing
* How to remove nodes from jstree (e.g. remove self from selection)

h3. Forms

* Disable save if JavaScript is disabled
* Places, add if not existing in same form (residence, first/last). Implementation could be a simplified add_place ajax form to not leave the current form.

h2. Backend

h3. Upgrade to Python 3.6

* Ordered dict not needed anymore (built in)
* os.scandir with python3.6 change to: with os.scandir(app.config['UPLOAD_FOLDER_PATH']) as it
* (next Debian version)
* Refactor path constructions for other operating systems, see

h2. Unsorted ideas

* Check hardware acceleration
* HTML emails (use strip tags for templates w/o html)
* Show infos on first page of admin (settings, overview of users and logs, ...)
* Rename admin to settings
* List fields: make buttons instead of comma seperated string
* Types, make build_table_form before and use on submit
* Option to delete a type with all subtypes and links
* Refactor system_types and view_class
* Check at update if right class and system_type e.g. sources
* Asset and bungle js/css:
* Anonymous names
* Run tests from commandline and write to install
* Installation script and/or Debian packages
* Multi instance capability #924
* Annotate text
* Analytic capabilities
* BibTeX, record meta information for literature,
* Image gallery - restucture directory structure, thumbnails creation, options to adjust sizes (only width?)
* Second place for events (correspondence, journey)
* Show membership at appears first if available