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A collection of ideas that haven't made it into an own ticket yet.

h2. Frontend

h3. Layout

* General upgrade using frameworks/libraries e.g. for responsiveness
* New project website when new layout is finished (
* New screenshot when new layout is finished (e.g.


* Rename admin to settings?

h3. Maps

* Add an additional area where existing geometries are shown (don't use label "features")
* Advanced options for GeoNames search (e.g. select categories, fuzzy or not, ..)
* Move map to info tab (with responsive layout)?
* Show new marker when entering coordinates
* Search function for existing entities on map
* Show type-tree instead only type name i.e. details on the map, maybe with a tool tip
* Map focus top to narrow when in entity view and multiple points are "selected"
* Click on intersecting polygons (look at MedCem project)

h3. Dates

* If the first year wasn't entered in a date form the rest is ignored (e.g.comment, second year, ...). Give a visual feedback for the user that this information isn't saved in that case.
* At actors forms visually combine begin/end places with begin/end places
* If an entity is updated filled out dates are not visible at first because they are hidden. We need a better solution.

h3. jsTree

* At type overview, custom tab: if only one or two hierarchies are displayed it looks confusing
* How to remove nodes from jsTree (e.g. remove self from selection)

h3. Forms

* Disable save if JavaScript is disabled
* Places, add if not existing in same form (residence, first/last). Implementation could be a simplified add_place Ajax form to not leave the current form.

h2. Backend

h3. Network

* Show places instead locations
* Check missing links e.g. source

h3. Performance

* Delete multiple
* Better debug info (don't reset infos after redirect)
* Place links e.g.

* Update nodes, update GIS:
At the moment when a main entity (e.g. source) is updated all types are delete and types selected in the form are saved (again).
For better traceability and performance refactor so that already linked types aren't deleted and saved again. The same goes for GIS data.

h3. Upgrade Python

h4. 3.6

* Ordered dict not needed anymore (built in)
* os.scandir with python3.6 change to: with os.scandir(app.config['UPLOAD_FOLDER_PATH']) as it
* Refactor path constructions for other operating systems, see
* More type hinting available e.g. Union (since 3.5.4)

h4. 3.7

* Data Classes

h2. Unsorted ideas

* HTML emails (use strip tags for templates w/o HTML)
* Show infos on first page of admin (settings, overview of users and logs, ...)
* List fields: make buttons instead of comma separated string
* Types, make build_table_form before and use on submit
* Option to delete a type with all subtypes and links
* Refactor system_types and view_class
* Check at update if right class and system_type e.g. sources
* Asset and bungle JavaScript/CSS:
* Anonymous names
* Run tests from command line and write to install
* Installation script and/or Debian packages
* Multi instance capability #924
* Annotate text
* Analytic capabilities
* Image gallery - restructure directory structure, thumbnails creation, options to adjust sizes (only width?)
* Second place for events (correspondence, journey)
* Show membership at appears first if available
* Check for similar links and offer option to delete them if domain_id and range_id as well as property_code are identical