Online Versions

Some OpenAtlas online versions, mostly maintained by our team.

Version Online Project
OpenAtlas Demo 3.20.1 OpenAtlas
OpenAtlas Development Demo 4.0.0
Thanados 4.0.0 Thanados
Connected Clerics (CONNEC) 3.20.1 Connected Clerics
Digitising Patterns of Power (DPP) 3.20.1 Digitising Patterns of Power
Frontier, Contact Zone or No Man's Land?
Hic sunt leones
Mapping Medieval Conflicts (MEDCON) 3.20.1 Mapping Medieval Conflict
Mapping the French Surveys of Bithynia 3.20.1 Historical Region of Bithynia
History of the Serbs in Vienna (1741-1918) 3.20.1 Historical Geoportal of Serbs in Vienna
Byzantines in French Fiction Character
Directory (BYZFRIC)
3.20.1 BYZFRIC
PLAS 3.20.1 PLAS
MA Seminar 3.20.1 MA Seminar
OpenAtlas Origins 4.0.0 Test and demo version (in concept phase)
DCB 4.0.0 OpenAtlas QA version
Juhu 3.20.1 Juhu

To update the HTML version of the OpenAtlas project website on use:

wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -r -p --level 1 -E -e robots=off -U mozilla

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT