OpenAtlas and CIDOC CRM class mapping

OpenAtlas uses the CIDOC CRM in the application but because of contextual differences we needed a more fine grained model. E.g. E33 Linguistic Object can be a source or a source translation which have different forms in different context.
Below you see a mapping between CIDOC classes and use of them in OpenAtlas.

An easy to edit mapping used in frontend is available here.
  • Class: CIDOC CRM class, used also as class_code in database table model.entity
  • System class: used as OpenAtlas class, has a system_class field in database table model.entity
  • view name: used in application to show the corresponding view, if empty it means these entities can't be viewed directly
System class CIDOC Class System type (old) view name comment
acquisition E8 Acquisition event
activity E7 Activity event
actor_appellation E82 Actor Appellation
administrative_unit E53 Place type used for administrative units and historical places, empty system_type!
appellation E41 Appellation
artifact E22 Man-Made Object artifact artifact
bibliography E31 Document bibliography reference
edition E31 Document edition reference
external_reference E31 Document external reference reference
feature E18 Physical Thing feature place
file E31 Document file file
find E22 Man-Made Object find artifact
group E74 Group actor
human_remains E20 Biological Object human remains place
move E9 Move event
object_location E53 Place place location used only in combination, e.g. location of E18 or E22
person E21 Person actor
place E18 Physical Thing place place physical object in combination with a fixed location, e.g. a city, church or graveyard
reference_system E32 Authority Document
source E33 Linguistic Object source content source
stratigraphic_unit E18 Physical Thing stratigraphic unit place
source_translation E33 Linguistic Object source translation source_translation
type E55 Type type
E84 Information Carrier information carrier object merged with artifact
E40 Legal Body actor merged with group


  • 6.0.0 Introduction of system class for more consistency replacing obsolete system type, removing E40 and E84 in preparation for next CIDOC CRM version
  • 5.7.0 GeoNames and Wikidata were changed to external reference E32 instead of using E31

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