A place e.g. a continent, a city or a graveyard can be given a location with the help of the interactive map.


On the place index page you see an overview of already entered places with their type and dates. Also a map is displayed with already entered locations.

Clicking on the name of an place brings you to the detail view.

Add and Update

Clicking on the + Place button at the top of the place index page let you enter a new one. To edit a place click on the Edit button in the detail view.

Form fields:

  • Administrative Unit - Hierarchy of administrative units in which the place is located, e.g. Austria, Italy and their respective subunits like Lower Austria, Styria.
  • Historical Place - Hierarchy of historical places respectively historical administrative units in which the place is located e.g. Duchy of Bavaria or Lombard Kingdom.

To edit administrative units or historical places go to the menu entry Types and select the tab Places.

  • GeoNames ID The GeoNames ID of the place. Can either be manually entered or automatically imported from a selected Map Search Result.
    Note: this field is only available, when the GeoNames Module is activated in the Profile section. The checkbox "exact match" can be used if there is a high degree of confidence that the concepts can be used interchangeably. By default it is a close match, which means that the concepts are sufficiently similar that they can be used interchangeably in some information retrieval applications. Please refer to SKOS for further information.

Map Overlay

If you have the module map overlay activated in the Profile, overlays for places which they were added will be visible on the map by default and can be toggled at map layer button at the right top.

To insert new overlays (group editor or above) go to the view of a specific place. After adding an image file in the file tab you can click add in the overlay column to enter coordinates for the left upper and bottom right corner to position the image on the map.

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