after logged in you can access your profile at the right top of the site. From there you are able to change:

Your password

Once you clicked on Change password you have to enter your current password and a new one (twice).

Display language

Changing the drop-down will change and save your display language. It has the same effect as clicking on the language menu at the top.

Table rows

Selecting a value here will override the default rows that are shown on tables. Please take note that the change may not be immediately visible because browsers tend to remember your last setting.

Show aliases in tables

If this is activated aliases of actors and places will be shown in overview table.

The advantage beside visibility is that they can be searched for. Disadvantage may be a more cluttered table and it could be slower to query.


If you choose advanced you will see more information details when viewing entries. E.g. which CIDOC class the entry has, creation/modification date and (if available) which user created/modified the entry.

Edit Profile

With clicking on Edit you can change:

  • Full name - Optional, provide your full name to make it easier for other users to identify you.
  • Email - Providing an email address is important in case you'll have to reset your password.
  • Show email - If checked your email address is displayed to other users. Site admins and manager can always see your email address.
  • Newsletter - If checked you will receive newsletters about updates or maintenance downtimes. At the bottom of every newsletter is a unsubscribe link to easily turn it off again.