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Alexander Watzinger, 2021-07-31 20:00

Suggested File > Settings when using PyCharm IDE

Editor > General

  • Remove trailing spaces on: All lines
  • Set Ensure every saved file ends with a line break

Editor > Code Style

  • Set hardwrap to 80 columns

Editor > Code Style > Python > Wrapping and Braces

  • Set Ensure right margin is not exceeded

Editor > Code Style > Python > Tab Imports

  • Sort import statements
    • Sort imported names in "from" imports
    • Sort plain and "from" imports separately within a group
  • Join imports with the same source


Target: Choose Script path and enter path to tests, e.g. /home/alex/projects/www/openatlas/tests
Additional Arguments: --with-coverage --cover-package openatlas --cover-html --cover-tests --cover-erase


These are some personal preferences which don't have any effect on submitted code.


  • Font: DejaVu Sans Mono
  • Size: 13
  • Line spacing: 1.2

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