The search looks for the search term in entity names and aliases.

  • It is not insensitive - aDa lovelacE will find Ada Lovelace
  • It is a full text search - da Love will find Ada Lovelace
  • You can use % as a placeholder - Ada L%ce will find Ada Lovelace

After clicking on the search button in the top right you will be redirected to a result page where more options are available:

Only entities edited by me

Show only entities which you have created or edited (default = not selected)

Also search in description

Entities where the search term is found in the description will be shown too (default = not selected)


This filter is only active if at least the from or to year is filled out. If month or day are empty the from date will be YYYY-1-1 and the to date will be YYYY-12-13 if you only provide the year, if you provide a year and a month it will be the last of this month.

Because entities can have up to 4 date values (time span for begin and time span for end) they will be added to the result if at least one date meets the criteria. E.g. a person that lived from 1540 to 1560 will be found if searched with a from year value of 1550.

If the option Include dateless entities is checked, entities that have no dates but fulfill the other criteria will be included too.


Search only in selected classes e.g. Place (default = all are selected)

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