At admin/user/list an overview of users with group, email, created/last login date and newsletter subscription is displayed.

When viewing a user you can click on Activity to browse entity inserts, updates and deletes of this user.

User can be added (by managers and admins) and a registration mail with account details can be sent by the system.

  • Active - If active is not checked the user cannot log in anymore. Keeping an inactive user can be useful to keep associated information e.g. about created and modified entities.
  • Username - The username is required for login and will be displayed in the advanced view of entries which the user had created.
  • Full name - Optional but makes it easier for other users to be identified. Users can edit their full name themselves in the profile.
  • Email - An email address is required for e.g. resetting the password


The group defines the access level of a user. The list begins with the lowest permissions and every other group after can do the same and more.

  • Guest - The default group for users who aren't logged in. They can only access login and password reset.
  • Readonly - view data
  • Editor - manipulate data
  • Manager - manage users, edit content, import and export
  • Admin - has access to site settings