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Alexander Watzinger, 2020-05-12 17:18

Welcome to the Wiki and issue tracker of OpenAtlas.

Feel free to contact us at .


Stefan Eichert
Idea, Concept and Data Modelling

Alexander Watzinger
Lead Developer and Concept

Bernhard Koschicek
Software Development

Christoph Hoffmann
Frontend Development

Veronika Gründhammer
Project Administration

Jan Belik
Logo Design and Design Consulting


These people supported us in many different ways. Our thanks goes to all of them.

Asil Çetin
Christof Rauchenberger
Dalibor Pančić
Daniel Kittel
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller
Judith Pucher
Katharina Winckler
Mihailo Popović
Nina Brundke
Peter Andorfer
Petra Heinicker
Sandra Lehecka
Saranya Balasubramanian
Stefan Probst

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