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Different display of shapes on maps

Added by Alexander Watzinger about 1 month ago. Updated 18 days ago.

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When viewing the maps with all places it would be better to display shapes just as center points (like in the backend) to avoid confusing, or really big, overlapping shapes.

The question than would be how to continue, some suggestions:
  • Adding a show polygon switch option (default off) like in the backend
  • Show shapes when mouse over center points (idea from Olivia)
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Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 month ago

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Assigning this issue to Bernhard first with the question if the center points for shapes are already available via the API?

If no, maybe give an estimate when this could be available and create an issue for it at the OpenAtlas project.
If yes, maybe give a hint how to best use/request them and assign this issue to Olivia.

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Updated by Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz about 1 month ago

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Yes, it is possible for lp, lpx, geojson and geojson-v2 with the parameter centroid=true. I'm sorry, it appears, that it is not in the OpenAPI file. (there is quite a data loss between two times rewriting the whole documentation...)

Since you are using lpx, there will be both geometries available. E.g a place have one polygon and with centroid=true you will get an additional entry which will look like this:

    "type": "Point",
    "coordinates": [
    "title": "This can be the title(autogenerated)",
    "description": "Here will be the description",
    "shapeType": "centerpoint" 

If there are multiple polygons and linestrings, there is no way to distinguish between those, except the title and description. If this is relevant, please make a ticket or tell me.

I will update the OpenAPI file in develop. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Moving to upcoming release version because already implemented.


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