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10:13 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2022-12-06 (#12)
Alexander Watzinger


18:40 OpenAtlas Feature #1869 (In Progress): Manual: add feature list
I created the branch *feature_manual_feature_list* and began creating a feature site in the manual. Once it is presen... Alexander Watzinger


13:09 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2022-12-06 (#11)
Alexander Watzinger
13:01 OpenAtlas Feature #1848 (In Progress): API: fetch data from ARCHE
After looking at the test data in ARCHE, thanks a lot Massimiliano, we will continue building our API.
New ideas:
Alexander Watzinger
12:23 OpenAtlas Feature #1893 (Assigned): Code coverage for Windows
When developing with Windows file operation tests are not covered (e.g. export). Coverage their would be really usefu... Alexander Watzinger


18:21 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1892 (Acknowledged): Network visualization
A network visualization similar too:
Also, smaller individual entity cen...
Alexander Watzinger
18:19 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1891 (Acknowledged): Visualization of type distribution
A visualization of type distribution. E.g. when looking at a type to see the distribution in graphic. When calculatin... Alexander Watzinger
17:42 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2022-12-06 (#10)
Alexander Watzinger
15:36 OpenAtlas Discovery Wiki edit: Wiki (#4)
Alexander Watzinger
15:18 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1878: Deployment on a Debian system
Thanks a lot Andi for getting an already compiled version to run on a Debian system, that really is something!
Alexander Watzinger

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