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13:35 OpenAtlas OpenAtlas 8.2.0 released
This release was mostly about improvements in the backend (e.g. API and IIIF) but there are some noticeable changes f... Alexander Watzinger
01:11 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Release_workflow (#78)
Alexander Watzinger


23:21 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Release_workflow (#77)
Alexander Watzinger


16:41 OpenAtlas Bug #2224 (Closed): Password cannot be revealed
It is fixed in the *develop branch* and can be tested at the *development demo*:
Alexander Watzinger
14:06 OpenAtlas Bug #2224 (Assigned): Password cannot be revealed
Thank you for reporting. I can confirm that the show password function doesn't work anymore and will look into it. Alexander Watzinger
14:22 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2024-02-02 (#11)
Alexander Watzinger
12:25 OpenAtlas Feature #2223 (Acknowledged): Refactor and minor improvements
*To do*
* Forms: move entity collection from table form fields to form manager
Alexander Watzinger


12:51 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2213 (Assigned): Detail View: Hide map when no Geo data is available
+ 1
Also I took the liberty to add your note as description of the issue, added a version, ...
Alexander Watzinger


15:34 OpenAtlas Discovery Wiki edit: Site_designs (#4)
Alexander Watzinger


16:58 OpenAtlas Feature #2193 (Assigned): Import artifacts
Thank you for reporting.
The selected category does matter. I guess it's not too much work to implement an artifact ...
Alexander Watzinger

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