Feature #1331

Updated by Bernhard Koschicek 3 months ago

* Front end queries:
** show subunits for classes and types #1206
** Give me the entity and all linked entities
** Give me the entity and all subunits of this entity
** Give me the entity and all super types of this entity
** Show only specific entries of entities --> selective query (e.g.: Show only name and geo data) (done)
** Give me a place and all actors linked to that place through events (could be also more specific if needed)

From the meeting [[APIFrontend]]:
* Path with /api/0.1/node=23422 (show this type and every entity connected to it)
* Path with /api/0.1/top_node=2145154 (show every entity which is connected to this type and every sub type of this)
* ?count gives you only a count of the result, without any other results. Make own query/function