Feature #1620

Updated by Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz about 2 years ago

Nicholas raised the interesting question how to enter natural events like e.g. an earthquake. 
 A new type of event called event (E5) was added. More information is available in the manual.  

 Stefan suggested to add E5 (Event) for that purpose. 

 *Used CIDOC event classes in OpenAtlas now would look hierarchically like this* 
 * Event (E5) - *new* 
 ** Activity (E7) 
 *** Acquisition (E8) 
 *** Move (E9) 
 *** _Modification (E11)_ - not implemented in OpenAtlas 
 **** Production (E12) 


 *To discuss* 
 * How to keep the user interface intuitive, some users run already into problems with existing choices