Feature #1770

Updated by Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz over 1 year ago

We could use as a format for further API developments, as it offers a JSON-LD format for the CIDOC CRM that is very easy to understand, very comprehensible and would in a very simple way allow representing each node as a JSON-LD. Especially for non place entities, this would allow for a much better machine-readable representation. 

 h2. Q&A 

 Q: How do we define time in which case? P4, P82, P173, P191 or something else? ( 
 A: Link physical objects and actors with dates (mapping with event with E63/E64 and P92/93) -> *For simplicity, currently implemented with "P4 has time-span":* 

 Q: What to do with additional information? Should we keep strictly to LOUD model or add additional fields?  
 A: For types with external reference systems, just add a field with external reference  

 Q: *P127 has broader term* doesn't exist in LOUD. So we have problems to display Types as single entity, e.g. /api/cidoc_class/E55 
 A: Use skos:broader 

 Q: Place coordinates also need a link property. When to use "P189 approximates": and "P168 place is defined by": P168 only takes one geometry, P189 can have an array. For example implementations, see "Place at":