Development Guidelines

General Development Standards

Indentation should be in tabs not spaces for accessibility reasons, as well as keeping in line with the conventions used in the ACDH-CH frontend.

Static Site Generation

Part of our goal with OpenAtlas Discovery is making it possible and easy to host the project statically once it has finished and/or is ready for archiving. To achieve this we make use of multiple features that Nuxt3 as well as some additional Nuxt3 addons provide for SSG(Static Site Generation).
For more details please see Static Site Generation


We use NuxtImage for making sure the images used in the Project are available once the project goes static. We do not use normal image elements and instead make use of the ones provided by nuxt image or in case that we make use of elements we don't have control over (e.g. from vuetify) we can use $img also provided by NuxtImage to make them compatible with SSG.

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