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14:41 OpenAtlas Discovery Bug #2068 (Acknowledged): Routing buttons break site on mutliple clicks
Sometimes, strangely not all the time double clicking a navigation button, like the one to the map, breaks the app.
Moritz Großfurtner


14:26 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2023-09-13 (#13)
Moritz Großfurtner


16:12 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2056 (New): Encode State into the URL
To enable users to share what they see on a site it might be useful to encode the state of the website in the URL.
Moritz Großfurtner


13:32 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2052 (New): Version Number Footer
Add discrete version number footer. Moritz Großfurtner


19:54 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1876 (Closed): Language configuration
Implemented as planned and can be expanded upon in further features as suggested by @alex . Moritz Großfurtner
17:42 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2024: Discovery instance without an API connection
To use a discovery instance without the api, leave the APIBase field empty in the discoveryConfig.json Moritz Großfurtner
17:41 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2024 (Closed): Discovery instance without an API connection
Moritz Großfurtner
17:40 OpenAtlas Discovery Bug #2042 (Closed): SSG: Images not working in content sites
Stemmed from Nuxt image not yet properly supporting static site generation. So for now we moved from using nuxtImg fo... Moritz Großfurtner
17:38 OpenAtlas Discovery Bug #2043 (Closed): SSG: Not all Nuxt content Pages are generated properly
Seems to be solved Moritz Großfurtner


18:49 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1895 (Closed): Configuration through a config file
The basic structure and integration is here. Additional configurable attributes can be integrated in the future and s... Moritz Großfurtner

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