ARCHE import

Usage of ARCHE import

Enable ARCHE import

The ARCHE import is deactivated by default. To enable it, add the following dictionary to instance/

    'id': 1390136,  # ID of the Top Collection (acdh:TopCollection)
    'collection_ids': [1390141],  # ID of different collections containing metadata.json files (acdh:Collection)
    'base_url': '',  # Base URL to get data from
    'thumbnail_url': ''  # URL of ARCHE thumbnail service, no changes needed}

Import ARCHE data

If the feature is enabled, every user can see an additional button in Admin -> Data, called ARCHE, which lead to an information page of data provided at instance/

If the user belongs to the manager user group, a button called Fetch is displayed. Pressing Fetch will fetch data from ARCHE. This will check if the data has already been imported into OpenAtlas (based on the artifact). If an entry is not present, a summary table is displayed with the graffiti that will be imported.

By pressing the button Import ARCHE data the data will be imported and if necessary new types, persons, etc. will be created.

Data used from ARCHE

All data is gathered from [IMAGE_NAME]_metadata.json:

'image_id': image_id (ARCHE)
'image_link': image_url (ARCHE)
'image_link_thumbnail': thumbnail_url (ARCHE)
'creator': EXIF:Artist
'latitude': EXIF:GPSLatitude
'longitude': EXIF:GPSLongitude
'description': XMP:Description
'name': IPTC:ObjectName
'license': EXIF:Copyright
'date': EXIF:CreateDate

Entities created by OpenAtlas (if not existing)


  • Custom Hierarchy Relevance for Persons (E21) with items: Photographer and Graffito artist
  • Involvement for production event with items: Photographer
  • Additional license types when needed -> EXIF:Copyright

External Reference System ARCHE (E32)

Data provided from

    'id': 1390136,
    'collection_ids': [1390141],
    'base_url': '',
    'thumbnail_url': ''}


  • Artifact (E22): Graffito, name (IPTC:ObjectName), description (XMP:Description), linked (P67) to ARCHE reference system (E32)
  • Location (E53): Location of Graffito, linked (P53) to Artifact (EXIF:GPSLatitude, EXIF:GPSLongitude)
  • Production event (E12): Date (EXIF:CreateDate) linked (P11) to person (EXIF:Artist) and linked (P108) to artifact
  • File (E31): linked (P2) to license type (EXIF:Copyright), linked (P67) to artifact
  • Person (E21): name (EXIF:Artist), linked (P2) to type Relevance -> Photographer


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