API Version 1



  • rename results in entities
  • rename lang parameter to language
  • merge export and format parameter
  • change lp to lpf in JSON_FORMATS
  • replace every _ in the endpoints and parameters to - (add link why this is important)
  • Add a new format, which can be better handled by presentation sites. Keep LPF and LOUD for Linked Open Data reasons.
  • Remove geojson format and rename geojson-v2 to geojson. Or completely remove it, if the new presentation site format is better suited.
  • Add better header support
  • Implement a throttler for IPs? (if an IP make a huge amount of calls, reduce the bandwidth)


To accomplish a truly REST API, a restructure is in order. These are just mere ideas.

Entities Endpoint

  • /entities/ -> List of all possible next entities paths
    • /entities/id/ -> List of Links from all possible entities
    • /entities/id/4124 -> Entities by ID, should be possible to add multiple IDs
    • /entities/cidoc_code/ -> List of URLs for all cidoc codes
    • /entities/cidoc_code/E18 -> Entities with cidoc code E18
    • /entities/system_class/ -> List of URLs for all system class codes
    • /entities/system_class/person -> List of all entities with system_class person
    • /entities/view_name/ -> List of URLs for all view_names
    • /entities/view_name/actor -> List of all entities of actors
    • /entities/type -> List of URLs of possible types
    • /entities/type/24124 -> List of all entities with the type 24124
    • /entities/entity/ -> List of URLs for all entities
    • /entities/entity/4124 -> List of entities linked to entity
    • /entities/latest/ -> List of possible limit range (10/20/25/30/50/75/100)
    • /entities/latest/85 -> List of latest 85 entities

Meta endpoints

  • /meta/ -> List of all possible next meta paths
  • /meta/content/ -> List of URLs
  • /meta/content/de -> Content in de
  • /meta/class_mapping/ -> List of Class Mapping
  • /meta/system_class_count/ -> List of system class and how many exist

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