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13:53 OpenAtlas Feature #1297: Connecting events (e.g. letter exchange events)
Stefan Eichert
11:47 OpenAtlas Bug #1296 (Resolved): Linestrings cannot be deleted
It turned out that the linestring entry in the gis.linestring table had "shape" as type. This seems to have caused th... Stefan Eichert
10:22 OpenAtlas Bug #1296 (Closed): Linestrings cannot be deleted
After creating a linestring geometry in the map and saving it, again in edit mode, it cannot be deleted. Even though ... Stefan Eichert


14:18 OpenAtlas Feature #1287 (In Progress): Map tiles max zoom
Stefan Eichert
10:47 OpenAtlas Feature #1287 (Closed): Map tiles max zoom
Add max zoom for respective tile layers:
thunderforest: 30
openStreetMap: 19
Google Satellite: 20
Now these til...
Stefan Eichert


13:43 OpenAtlas Bug #547 (Acknowledged): Prevent double submit
Reopened because reoccurs in current version. Stefan Eichert
11:38 OpenAtlas Bug #1278 (Closed): Broken table list views on smaller screens
On screens with eg. 1200px width the table list of files (probably also other lists that are wider) gets underneath t... Stefan Eichert
11:10 OpenAtlas Feature #1276 (Closed): Show child nodes in tree search
When using the tree modal for selecting certain categories via the search field only entries matching the entered str... Stefan Eichert


18:47 OpenAtlas Feature #1161: API: add more geometry objects
In the linked places the example given is as follows:... Stefan Eichert
09:14 OpenAtlas Feature #1258 (Resolved): Manual Text for Subunits
Please check and release if okay. If you want more info, just let me know. Stefan Eichert

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