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11:03 OpenAtlas Feature #1750: Linking movements with line objects, e.g. roads
After doing some research on this we came up with the following:
Within the CIDOC CRM it is not possible to map mo...
Stefan Eichert
10:30 OpenAtlas Feature #1648 (Acknowledged): Relative Chronological/Spatial relation between two artifacts
The "overlaps" property would document that both overlap but without any stratigraphical value. So you do not know wh... Stefan Eichert
10:07 OpenAtlas Question #1894: How to map a grave in a house
As the archaeological hierarchy is based on 4 Levels, this depends on how you define your entities. If you consider a... Stefan Eichert
09:47 OpenAtlas Feature #1047: Import geometries
If we consider a shapefile import, this would probably need its own user interface in order to select which feature o... Stefan Eichert


15:33 OpenAtlas Feature #1885: Inverse translations for OA properties
My suggestions:
OA7 is the same in both directions
OA8 would be "begins in" - "is first appearance of" (ist erste...
Stefan Eichert
14:57 OpenAtlas Feature #1750: Linking movements with line objects, e.g. roads
Alexander Watzinger wrote:
> Thank you for raising this interesting points and you are absolutely right: of course i...
Stefan Eichert
14:38 OpenAtlas Feature #1750 (In Progress): Linking movements with line objects, e.g. roads
I took a look at it in the CRM. Move works with start and destination, So the range of the movement is e53 Place, whi... Stefan Eichert


13:54 OpenAtlas Question #1795: Manual: Model possible mistake
I guess it is just a copy paste error. So Ninas suggestions are absolutely right. Stefan Eichert


15:01 OpenAtlas Feature #1790: Map: make intersecting polygons selectable
... Stefan Eichert


15:01 OpenAtlas Feature #1751: Manual: add model documentation
The shortcuts are described in the archive: Stefan Eichert

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