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14:14 OpenAtlas Feature #1980: API: Improve LOUD
Currently I cannot distinguish which documents are image files that depict the respective entity. Would it be possibl... Stefan Eichert


10:41 OpenAtlas Feature #1770: API: Adding format
Regarding the question on the coordinates of a place I suggest we use the following approach from the example https:/... Stefan Eichert
10:22 OpenAtlas Question #1972: Add external link references to E31 Document - bibliographic
From a conceptual point of view this would make a lot of sense.
Most of todays scientific resp. research publicatio...
Stefan Eichert
10:08 OpenAtlas Feature #1970 (Acknowledged): Sub documents for sources
Currently this is not implemented in OpenAtlas.
In theory this could be mapped with P148 has component (is componen...
Stefan Eichert
10:00 OpenAtlas Question #1967 (Acknowledged): Linking artifacts with more than one place
The "Super" Place is considered the place of origin (or the first appearance, place where it has been found etc.) in ... Stefan Eichert


17:01 OpenAtlas Feature #1952 (Acknowledged): E11 Modification
Would it be possible to implement (in one of the next releases?) "E11 modification" along with "P31 has modified (was... Stefan Eichert


09:56 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2023-02-01 (#11)
Stefan Eichert


10:31 OpenAtlas Feature #1770: API: Adding format
Regarding the Question "P127 has broader term doesn't exist in LOUD. So we have problems to display Types as single e... Stefan Eichert


13:11 OpenAtlas Feature #1934: New creation event class
Just an idea, but could we use only "Creation" or something similar as a label for the button and then automatically ... Stefan Eichert
12:48 OpenAtlas Feature #1934: New creation event class
The way I understand it, Production *E12 only works for physical entities* . A document however, like a picture, woul... Stefan Eichert

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