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15:11 OpenAtlas Feature #1770 (Assigned): API: using
We could use as a format for further API developments, as it offers a JSON-LD format for the CIDO... Stefan Eichert


11:11 OpenAtlas Feature #1748 (Acknowledged): Extended Value Types
In order to manage types, that require certain additional information I propose the following:
Idea: For e.g. radi...
Stefan Eichert


16:13 OpenAtlas Feature #1090: Radiocarbon Dating
Obviously the redmine mails have been blocked as spam. Sorry for the late response. What you wrote is exactly what I ... Stefan Eichert


11:34 OpenAtlas Feature #1090: Radiocarbon Dating
Alexander Watzinger wrote:
> Nina and I took a look at your suggestions and we like it.
> So we would link **E...
Stefan Eichert


15:59 OpenAtlas Feature #1090: Radiocarbon Dating
For the conceptual implementation in OpenAtlas and to keep it as generic as possible I suggest:
1. define a new Open...
Stefan Eichert
15:37 OpenAtlas Feature #1587: Link artifacts and human remains to places directly
I think the best solution would be to allow for defining an existing place as current or former location of an artifa... Stefan Eichert
15:32 OpenAtlas Feature #1648: Relative Chronological/Spatial relation between two artifacts
see my edits in the comments. best, St. Stefan Eichert


11:25 OpenAtlas Feature #1631: Join database GIS tables
Alexander Watzinger wrote:
> I almost finished merging the GIS tables (branch *feature_gis_join*), see description f...
Stefan Eichert


11:15 OpenAtlas Question #1682: SKOS broad match
Would this work:... Stefan Eichert
09:51 OpenAtlas Question #1682 (Closed): SKOS broad match
Next to close and exact match, I would be very beneficial if we also implement Stefan Eichert

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