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Personal notes for entities

Added by Alexander Watzinger over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Because of a suggestion from Victoria we decided to add functionality for personal user notes.

  • Can be activated in the user profile (default is off)
  • Notes can only be seen by the user who added it
  • At the view of an entity show a button to add a note (if there is not already one attached)
  • Show the note at the entity view with buttons to delete or modify
  • At the index page show a table with notes under the bookmark table

Some thoughts:

  • We decided not to combine it with bookmarks to keep the ease of use of bookmarks (one click to add, one click to remove)
  • For simplification there will be only one note per entity possible but since it is a free text field any amount of text can be entered (e.g. a list of notes)
  • To not clutter the user interface the default option for user notes will be turned off but can be activated in the profile.
  • We decided against a private/public option. All notes are private and only visible for the user. Reason for this is the already existing description field of entities which can be used for public comments.

Suggestion from Victoria:

It would be really useful to be able to note why an entry was bookmarked so that when revisiting, 
the issue for which it was bookmarked was obvious and therefore more likely to be resolved. Thank you!



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Thanks to Victoria for the suggestion, I like the idea to add personal notes to add functionality to ones personal workflow.

Maybe we leave the bookmarks as they are because of the easy to use one-click functionality but instead add a general option to add personal notes (which can be useful even without a bookmark). I will discuss this with Stefan when I'm back from vacation next week.


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Finished and will be released with 3.19.0


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