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Shahi project artifact records "inscriptions" box

Added by Natasha Kimmet almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Would it be possible to add a little box feature to all artifact records that we can check if the artifact has an inscription? This would allow us to easily filter/search for all inscribed objects. This differs from our separate category for "inscriptions" (that is, we have "portable objects", "inscriptions", "coins", etc.) but some of the portable objects have inscriptions on them. Please let me know if this request is unclear. Thanks!

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Thank you for reporting.

I looked into it and noticed that there is an empty sub type Information carrier under the type Artifact ( with empty subcategories which also contain inscription. This seems to be a left over and you may want to delete them to avoid confusion. I also noticed empty Find types at artifact and took the liberty to remove them because there I was sure that it was a left over from former version.

About inscriptions on artifacts, I assume we can solve this without changing the software so I changed this issue category to question for now. One way to do it would be to add the inscription (if available) to the artifact. To do that you would:

If the inscription itself isn't available (neither a text or an image) you could add a new custom type. E.g. a "Features" type for artifacts which can have subs like inscription. Manual about types:

I hope this gives some ideas how to deal with inscriptions on artifacts. Feel free for follow up questions and in case we need a more detailed discussion we could schedule a meeting.

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Closing this issue in the process of cleaning up because it's a while without new feedback.
But I kept it is a topic item for a next (possible) SHAHI meeting just in case.


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