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Error at import when using type ids

Added by Sebastian Majstorovic over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Data import/export
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When an admin tries to import data as a CSV file and the import is unsuccessful, only a generic error message "Error at import" is shown (see attached screenshot). It would be very helpful if admins received a more detailed error message displaying the specific import error, so that they can adjust their CSV file accordingly.


Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 19.15.51.png (42.8 KB) Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 19.15.51.png Screenshot of generic import error message Sebastian Majstorovic, 2021-10-26 19:20
Screenshot.png (49.5 KB) Screenshot.png Alexander Watzinger, 2021-10-27 12:30
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Thank you for reporting and especially for providing a screenshot.

I tested it with the example file (which is linked at the import site) which worked fine.
If we can identify the error it is displayed, not in the error message on top but below, see screenshot. If it is an unexpected error, a generic error message is displayed.
Because of security reasons we don't expose unexpected internal errors in this view so this is the intended behavior and I changed the issue from bug to feature.

Nevertheless I agree that this isn't very helpful in this case and so the question is how to identify the error you encountered and how to proceed.
  • One option is to look into the system logs (Admin -> General -> System log) where you may find additional information. But this is only available for users with the admin role.
  • If you are the system administrator it may be worth to take a look at the web server log files. In Debian using Apache it is called error.log and located, depending on configuration, somewhere in /var/log/apache2.
  • Another option would be to provide the CSV file (or a part of it) which triggers the error. If you don't want to post it in public here feel free to send it with an email to me at

Thank you again for reporting and I hope we can resolve this soon.

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A big thank you for providing sample data which helped a lot. It turned out it really was a bug when using type ids.
I already pushed the fix in the main branch in case you want to use it soon.

Please let us know if this now works as expected, e.g. just set the issue status to closed.

I also implemented that errors at the import check function are logged too. They were already logged at the main function but the script didn't make it that far. So from now on you should find more information at Admin -> General -> System log in case you encounter errors again.

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Thank you so much, this was the fastest bug fix I have ever seen. I tested it and the CSV import works fine now!

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