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Allow special characters in type names

Added by Aleksandra Apic about 1 year ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Wäre es möglich auch Schrägstriche im Namen zu erlauben?

Beispiel unter Custom Type>Language:

Bilingual Sarada/Arabic

Special characters are now allowed in types similar to the rest of application (e.g. HTML tags are still filtered).


Slash.png (8.71 KB) Slash.png Aleksandra Apic, 2022-01-25 16:31



Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 year ago

Thank you very much for reporting.
In the backend I saw no obvious reason to not allow slashes in type name but I added other developers as watcher in case they have reasons not to allow it.
Lets see what they say.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 year ago

Type names are a little special and concerns about allowing slashes were already voiced.
Because we have to be careful to not e.g. break functionality in API, presentation sites, ... I put it on the agenda for the next OpenAtlas developer meeting.
So although the request may seem trivial it will take some time to process.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 year ago

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger 12 months ago

  • Subject changed from Allow slashes in type names to Allow special characters in type names
We discussed using special characters in type names in today's developer meeting.
There were some reservation but it's likely we need it in the long run more often, e.g. when importing already existing vocabularies.
Because the sooner the better we decided to implement it in the near future but are being careful and do it step by step to test components individually, in that order:
  • Backend
  • UI
  • API
  • Presentation sites, e.g. THANADOS

So I, Alex, will begin a new branch, implement it in the backend and than hand it over to other developers.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 8 months ago

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After some consideration I decided to allow special characters in types similar to the rest of application (e.g. HTML tags are still filtered). I also decided to not hand this over to one developer after another for testing because it would take too long.
I implemented and tested it in the backend. So far I didn't run into obvious problems but you (Andi, Bernhard, Stefan, ...) might want to test (locally) your frontends/API just in case.
There should be no immediate problems with existing data but in case things get problematic, we can discuss this again.
It's already in the develop branch and online on demo-dev and THANADOS.

Thanks again for reporting.

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