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Show license and credit line for images

Added by Andreas Olschnögger over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Make image license type and credit line visible alongside image on frontend

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Updated by Andreas Olschnögger over 1 year ago

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Now the license type and credit lines are visible.
@Natasha Kimmet please have a look if it is okay and then set this ticket to 'closed' if it looks good for you.
If there are some issues please let me know.
license type and credit line visible

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Updated by Gosia Lenko over 1 year ago

Dear Andreas,

I tried few examples and noticed some problems, so I think this still needs some improvement (and unification?)

First, I tried following example:

Single record display:
The current location incl. inventory number and link to the museum looks perfect.
The credit line is visible in the green field. Everything looks good.
Unfortunately, the image is NOT displayed within the green bar (file included in OA, visibl in other view modes).

In the list view:

a) Shouldn’t the credit line be displayed directly under the image? So, image/license type/credit line (@Natasha Kimmt)
b) The paragraphs/spacing between information parts in the description (included in the OA description) are not visible here. The description becomes very dense/squeezed and hard to read.
c) While in the list view (same for gallery view)– clicking on a certain object mostly leads to an empty page instead of the single record.

Another issue:
Unfortunately, credit line is not always visible:
One example I could find:
Credit line has been included in OA/file description but is not visible in the front end.
Unfortunately again the image is not visible within the green bar when displaying single record (visible in other viewing mods, e.g. list).

I think the image credit line should be included under the license type (which is now displayed correctly next to the cover image of the collction)

Can we resolve this?

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Updated by Gosia Lenko over 1 year ago

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