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17:47 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2023-03-22 (#6)
Andreas Olschnögger


15:04 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #1939 (In Progress): Static presentation sites (test run)
I took a closer look at the topic of static site generation. And I have created a branch for the Shahi project called... Andreas Olschnögger


08:56 OpenAtlas Feature #1975 (Closed): Make description field wider
Thanks Gosia for your feedback.
I have implemented a button that allows you to decrease the size of the map as it wa...
Andreas Olschnögger
08:52 OpenAtlas Feature #1975 (Closed): Make description field wider
Gosia statet at the Shahi workshop that it would be great if the description
field could be made wider like it was ...
Andreas Olschnögger
08:45 OpenAtlas Feature #1908: New website layout
The illustrations I have used are from
It is not necessary to attribute them (
Andreas Olschnögger
08:40 OpenAtlas Feature #1908: New website layout
Thanks for having a look at it.
The 404 errors work again.
Andreas Olschnögger


14:34 OpenAtlas Feature #1908 (Resolved): New website layout
I've adapted the website layout. Changes are currently on the branch *feature_new_ui*. The landling page is now desig... Andreas Olschnögger


15:52 OpenAtlas Feature #1791 (In Progress): Forms: buttons instead of white-space string inputs
In our frontend session today we've implemented this feature for the "Recipients feedback". Moritz will adapt this al... Andreas Olschnögger
08:47 OpenAtlas Bug #1971 (In Progress): Validation for "Inventory number" is broken
Thanks for reporting this issue.
I've taken a look at it and resolved the issue. Changes are on the *main* branch....
Andreas Olschnögger


10:04 OpenAtlas Bug #1958 (Closed): Multiple submits at dynamic add entity function
Thanks for reporting this issue.
Now the submit button will be disabled and '... in progress' is displayed, when an ...
Andreas Olschnögger

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