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10:35 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1754 (New): Actor Connections
In the Actor connection page the actor relationships should be plotted in 2D networks.
Clicks on the actor nodes sho...
Andreas Olschnögger
10:28 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1714: Map improvements
Now the filers are displayed on the right side.
Additionally it is now possible to click on the event lines one the ...
Andreas Olschnögger
10:25 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1714 (Closed): Map improvements
Andreas Olschnögger
10:24 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1656 (Closed): Detail view
Alexander Watzinger wrote:
> Sorry for nitpicking but what happens now (locally in the develop_connec branch, not on...
Andreas Olschnögger
10:19 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1715 (Closed): Side wide search
Now with an klick on the configuration button inside the search you can choose if you want to search for the name the... Andreas Olschnögger
10:17 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1719 (Closed): Citation examples for entries
Andreas Olschnögger
10:16 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1732 (Closed): Detailed view: split 'referred by'
The 'referred by' links are now split up into theses three groups.
Instead of the 'referred to' button the informati...
Andreas Olschnögger
10:10 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1731 (Closed): Rename 'Actor network'
Andreas Olschnögger


17:31 OpenAtlas Bug #1723 (Resolved): Information gets deleted from map
Now the input fields for the precisions are validated before submission. It is only checked weather it is empty or no... Andreas Olschnögger
17:14 OpenAtlas Feature #1721 (Closed): Improved focus behaviour at forms
Whenever a modal is opened now it will focus on the first input field.
I've already pushed it on the develop branch.
Andreas Olschnögger

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