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Static presentation sites (test run)

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As it is not viable to depend on complex database software for every project for many years to come, one long time strategy for projects that already ended, is to provide at least a static version of the presentation site.
It's much more likely that a static presentation site can be kept "alive" for many years with very little maintenance, if it doesn't depend on e.g. a running database application.

Today we had a Shahi meeting, discussing their planned publication which they want to enrich with links to the presentation site.
So we decided to make a test run for Shahi, main interest will be check if the same links to e.g. entities and overviews (like collections) in the current presentation site and the than static site can be used.

There may be other issues with dynamic content, e.g. a search function, which can be ignored for now. We can look at these in more detail when the time comes (e.g. for Shahi most likely earliest at 2024).
For now we just need a proof of concept to ensure that Shahi can already start using links for the publication.

In the meeting I suggest a time frame until the end of February, but we can discuss more details in the developers meeting next week.

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I took a closer look at the topic of static site generation. And I have created a branch for the Shahi project called feature_statice_site_generation Here it is already possible to display all data (Collections entities) static. That means for the digital publication this should not be a problem.

The following points need to be looked at more closely, which I did not get to.
- PDF files for the sourcebook have to be downloaded manually.
- Pagination for the detail list or gallery. (Here it is also important to make sure that when a new page is loaded the images are not fetched from the server. Currently the images are only loaded statically for the first page)
- Map: the map already shows all entities statically, but deactivating the polygons doesn't seem to work anymore.
- Search: The search function is based on the API of openatlas. This must be implemented for static pages using javascript.

For OpenAtlas-Dicovery we plan from the beginning to pave all ways for static site generations so that the transition from a dynamic to a static site is problem-free.

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Since we already are in a test run with Shahi I guess we can close this issue?
I would say in case issues arise we should create new tickets anyway but it's of course up to you Mocca.

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