From 2022-11-13 to 2022-12-12


14:30 Feature #1809 (Closed): Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
Gosia Lenko
14:28 Feature #1807 (Closed): Bibliography place missing
Gosia Lenko
14:12 Feature #1805 (Closed): Collections: Gallery Overview
Gosia Lenko
14:03 Feature #1799 (Closed): Show license and credit line for images
Gosia Lenko
13:56 Feature #1796: Improved search
Dear Andreas, thank you for impriving the search option. We tried it out and it makes a good impression - I still do ... Gosia Lenko
13:47 Feature #1808: Additional static content
There would be also another very minor change, which I guess does not cause a lot of work - Prof. Klimburg doesn't li... Gosia Lenko


14:57 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Gosia Lenko wrote:
> Please also do not forget the small but important corrections mentioned already:
> - The b...
Gosia Lenko
14:48 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Dear Andreas,
I'm sorry for the late response.
You did not misunderstood anything. Mock up 2 is exactly what Pr...
Gosia Lenko


12:35 Feature #1808: Additional static content
And I have an additional question about description
> - The description underneath the upper grey bar should star...
Andreas Olschnögger
12:31 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Thanks for the input.
I am still not quite sure how the header section of the page has to look now. Should "Shahi Ki...
Andreas Olschnögger


00:47 Feature #1808: Additional static content
Dear all,
once again I had a chance to look at our work together with Prof. Klimburg - in general, she is quite ha...
Gosia Lenko


13:33 Feature #1809: Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
I have know placed related artifacts after the name and date. Please have a look if it is fine for you.
Andreas Olschnögger

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