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Language configuration

Added by Moritz Großfurtner 3 months ago. Updated 30 days ago.

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Make choice of languages configurable.
  • Set default
  • Selected language should be persitent through the use of local storage.
  • English & German are supported out of the box. Others can be added the same way.



Updated by Moritz Großfurtner 30 days ago

Currently we are using vue i18n and it works well. I've discovered which might be usefull if we want better SEO depending on the language as well as a few other features, though I'm not sure if it is necessary for our use case.
E.g. it also allows for persisting the language selection. However, it does so through the use of cookies, so I'm not sure if we want that.


Updated by Moritz Großfurtner 30 days ago

It might also be a good idea to use this:
For creating a list of locales to select from. Especially when adapting OAD for a different Project with more supported languages.


Updated by Moritz Großfurtner 30 days ago

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It should work now, but if we decide to go with nuxt-i18n I'd need to look into it again.


Updated by Moritz Großfurtner 30 days ago

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger 30 days ago

I kind of avoid SEO and cookie topics in the backend but of course you are right, for presentation sites this absolutely makes sense.
SEO can't hurt for public available websites that present project results, when using cookies we will need a cookie disclaimer thingy but I guess, we will need that in the long run anyway.

Sadly I can't comment on the technical site of things but I added other frontend developers as watcher, maybe they want to comment too. You can always add watcher yourself in case you think this might be interesting for others.
Thank you for looking into this.


Updated by Moritz Großfurtner 30 days ago

  • Assignee deleted (Moritz Großfurtner)

Thanks for the feedback and adding the others!
I'd try to avoid cookies as much as possilbe as well, but yes if we end up using cookies we'll defenitely need to add a disclaimer.

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