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Discovery instance without an API connection

Added by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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The FemCare Vienna project asked if they can use the presentation site even before they have data to display to present the project.
This would be a rather new approach because so far the projects had their own webpages to present the project during the project duration and we built the (data) presentation sites at the end of the project.
But I find this approach rather interesting. I'm not sure how practicable it will be, e.g. using MarkDown files for content management, but my question for now is:

Is it possible to have a Discovery instance running even without an API connection to show just show static content via MarkDown files (e.g. intro, team, events, legal notice, contact, ...)?

In case it's not already possible please turn this question into a feature and assign it to you. Otherwise leave some feedback and I will take care about how to proceed with the FemCare Vienna project. Thanks.

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Updated by Moritz Großfurtner 6 months ago

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It is definitely possible, but it will need a bit of work. Looking into it.

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger 5 months ago

We discussed it in yesterdays meeting with Michaela from the FemCare Vienna project. They kindly agreed to be our first candidate for the new content management strategy.
Of course you, Mocca, will need some time for the first implementation but please let us know, when we can test it and/or discuss further steps.

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Updated by Moritz Großfurtner 3 months ago

To use a discovery instance without the api, leave the APIBase field empty in the discoveryConfig.json


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