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API: Adding import functions for TIB Terminology Service

Added by Gary Hsu 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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I was wondering if the current version would allow me to import the vocabulary collections from a terminology service, which does not belong to skosmos?

For example, I am using TIB Terminology Service (, which provides its Rest-API style document in

If it is not possible at the moment, can other terminology serives be added in the future?

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To answer this in general: currently OpenAtlas provides functionality to import vocabularies from Vocabs
Providing connection to other services would of course be useful but because there is no standardized way these services work, the requirements for every other service would be:
  • A (useful) API of this service
  • Available resources to implement the functionality in OpenAtlas

I took a look at the TIB Terminology Service and it looks like they are providing an API (including a swagger documentation), so this should be possible.
We still would have to look into it in more detail and would need the resources to implement in the OpenAtlas. That's why I put it on the wishlist for now (and adapted the subject a bit).

Thank you for reporting because like mentioned before, adding new services like this would be useful.

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Updated by Gary Hsu 3 months ago

For the moment, can I export the RDF file from the TIB terminology service, then publish it as a Skomos server like

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Updated by Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz 3 months ago

If it is possible to publish that easily in a Skosmos service, yes you can do that.


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