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Option to prevent selection of a type

Added by Alexander Watzinger 28 days ago. Updated 19 days ago.

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The idea is to implement an option which, when activated, prevents the selection of a type.
This can be useful to e.g. create not selectable categories and can be very useful with type structuring in general because with current implementation every "not selectable" category needs to be an own hierarchy which can in turn produce confusing longer forms.

It is now implemented and selectable can be turned on/off in a type view, restrictions:
  • Can only be done with at least editor permissions
  • Only types which aren't already used by entities can be changed to unselectable
  • This functionality isn't available for value types. These would require more effort and an extra issue would have to be created for it.

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Precedes OpenAtlas - Feature #2105: New file license systemClosedAlexander Watzinger2024-05-14Actions
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Updated by Alexander Watzinger 28 days ago

Actions #2

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 28 days ago

  • Subject changed from Option to prevent selecting first level of type hierarchies to Option to prevent selection of a type
  • Description updated (diff)

Change of plan: instead having a switch for selectable top level types this can be switched for every type individually which makes it much more flexible. The description was updated accordingly.

Actions #3

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 25 days ago

To do:
  • Add table to track non selectable types in schema web
  • Add functionality to set/read the flag at individual types
  • Prevent selection of these types in UI
  • Check prevention of these types in backend
  • Adapt type orphans functions to ignore these types
Actions #4

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 24 days ago

Works good so far (in branch feature/type_not_select), remaining to do:

  • Adapt type orphan functions to prevent false positives
  • Test other types (e.g. value, place, ...)
  • Adapt install and upgrade SQL
  • Better button labels? Currently "set selectable" and "unset selectable".
  • Tests
  • Update manual
Actions #5

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 19 days ago

  • Description updated (diff)
  • Status changed from In Progress to Closed

Implemented and will be part of the next release


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