Bug #410

Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 9 years ago

1) After implementing domain and range checks for links, I noticed that linking E33 (Linguistic Object) with P70 (documents) to E21 (Person) raises an error because E33 is not a valid domain for P70. 

 I'm not sure if we have talked about it already, so my question is if we change our model or if we disable the check for P70. 

 2) With Also with dates we tried to link E61 (Time Primitive) with P2 (has type) with E55 (Type - Date Value Type), in this case E61 is also an invalid domain for P2 

 3) E52 (Time-Span) - P127 (has broader term) - E52 (Time-Span): wrong domain E52 for P127, and I guess also wrong range