Bug #410

Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 9 years ago

After implementing domain and range checks for links, I noticed:  

 1) Linking E33 (Linguistic Object) with P70 (documents) to E21 (Person) raises an error because E33 is not a valid domain for P70. 

 *Solution:* changing P70 to P67 

 2) With dates we tried to link E61 (Time Primitive) with P2 (has type) to with E55 (Type - Date Value Type), in this case E61 is also an invalid domain for P2 

 *Solution:* we allow linking from E59 (Primitive Value) with P2 to E55 not yet 

 3) E52 (Time-Span) - P127 (has broader term) - E52 (Time-Span): wrong domain E52 for P127, and I guess also wrong range 

 *Solution:* with changing P127 to P86