Feature #403

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 6 years ago

*To do discuss*

- E18/E19 => for now E18
- define Type: [E18/E19 – p2 has type => see type examples – E55] "Site", "Feature", "Stratigraphical Unit", "Find" or Subtype
- how to determine if E18/E19 is a site, with the types above?
- invalid link for alternative names E18/E19 – P131 – E82
- point, linestring, polygon: required fields? entity_id not unique?
- what to write into srid_epsg, 4326?

*To do*

- gis fields
- quality

- place as actor residence
- place as actor appearance first/last

- situated within
- period
- evidence
- type for places
- alternative name
- validation (zend/jquery)
- if update, update name of location
- if delete, delete location (see refactor)

FYI: Added some Wiki sections on physical things/places (some ideas and brainstorming, still to be modified and still work in progress)