Feature #877

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 6 years ago

*Changes in the Python/Flask version* 

 The OpenAltas Python port includes many new features, fixes and changes. Some of them are listed below. 

 User Interface and Usability 

 * Performance improvements 
 * More possibilites to create and link entries in one go 
 * Merge of front and backend and cleaner user interface 
 * Advanced display and editing of source translations 
 * Advanced type index view 
 * Restructured admin area 
 * Admin functions to check and deal with orphaned data 
 * Show more/less option for long descriptions 

 Software and Code 

 * Switched main programming language to Python 3 
 * Switched web application framework to Flask 
 * Switched template engine to Jinja2 
 * Update of third party JavaScript libraries 


 * bcrypt hash algorithm for sensitive data 
 * CSRF protection for forms 
 * Adaptions for using HTTPS 
 * A show password option at forms