Feature #934

Updated by Alexander Watzinger almost 6 years ago

Functions to import CSV files of e.g. actors or places. 

 At first as a simple version, most likely with predefined fields. 

 It is planned to implement a crusader database with data provided by Johannes Preiser-Kapeller to test the concept. 


 * A preview function before actual import 
 * Example images, example files for download 
 * Option to select sperator 
 * A project type for all entities 
 * Additional "origin_id" text field for entity for importing links later e.g. like project_table_id: ostalpen_person_443, maybe combine with project type 


 * Name 
 * Description 

 * Dates (format 2018-12-31) at actor, place, event 
 * GIS for places (decimal degrees) 
 * Sex for persons 


 * Test for duplicates 
 * Look into selecting fields dynamically (order and which ones) 
 * What to do with types (already existing and new ones)